Craft Project For Kids

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In the store right now we have beautiful, fresh 8 foot garlands for your Thanksgiving table! We snagged that awesome table! Bring mother nature to your table and it will last for weeks (looks great even when it dries out!). Hurry in to get yours and we will be happy to give you some more great ideas for beautiful (and easy!) table-scapes. So much going on this week as we get geared up for the holidays! You are going to love them! The garlands are available at our Indian School store starting today and going thru Wednesday or until they are gone! It’s a busy time of year, but hopefully we found some of the best treasures from near and far to fill our store just for you! Best Online Shopping Store and many more at Bharat Plaza. I was tempted not to buy them since the store put large price tags right on the artwork which is just made of paper.

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