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Farther along the shore, past the row of standing stone moai at Ahu Mahai, one with a red scoria topknot, and eyes made from similar red irises, black obsidian pupils, and white coral conjunctivas, we found a huge sentinel brother, at Ahu Akapu. The next day, as a blizzard was approaching, Carrington found his soldiers, castrated, their eyes torn out and laid on rocks, noses and ears cut off, teeth chopped out, brains taken out and placed on rocks, and hands and feet severed. In 1874, a US Army reconnaissance mission into the Great Sioux Reservation found gold, in an area held sacred by the local Indians. These prepaid carrier options might offer more affordable local plans for data, voice, and text. The local fire truck had been polished to a fine cherry red, and three young boys with their own topknots, were scraping a large pig with knives, under one of the few struggling coconut trees that had been originally brought from a more conducive Tahitian climate. Hanga Roa was supposed to have three thousand inhabitants, but they seemed to be hiding from us today, like they had hidden from the Peruvian blackbirders who had looked for them 150 years earlier.

The General that led the expedition into the Black Hills, would soon have his own ‘pretty day for making things right,’ just like and a decade after the calamity of Captain William Fetterman. Fetterman and his battalion quartermaster, Captain Frederick Brown, committed suicide by shooting each other in the head, at the exact moment that a Lakota warrior named American Horse was slashing Fetterman’s throat. There’s no way to get down from a high horse gracefully. Logan Pass is well known for sightings of Rocky Mountain sheep along the trail, but we weren’t lucky enough to see any on this day, although I did see them back in the late 90s when I hiked all the way to the lake. The keyboard you use now was first used in these machines, back in 1874! For the first time in its history the United States Government had negotiated a peace which conceded everything demanded by the enemy and which extracted nothing in return. Reading AskHistorians for a long time finally got me interested in reading history once more and for the first time, it wouldn’t be from a text book or a game.

Every time you shoot at someone, plan on dying. Give me eighty soldiers, and I’ll ride through the whole Sioux Nation. The Indians scalped, stripped, and mutilated the bodies of the soldiers, ensuring that they would be unable to partake in the physical pleasures of an afterlife. Carrington buried the bodies of the Civil War hero, his officers and his men on Boxing Day, in a common trench. George Grummond, another distinguished Civil War combat officer, but also a bigamist, who had been court martialed for drunkenness and abuse of civilians. Over the two years following the Fetterman Massacre, the prosecution of Red Cloud’s War would result in a total Indian victory. Red Cloud’s sovereignty over the Powder River country would only endure for another eight years. Robyn and I returned to Tasmania just over a decade after our banishment by the Medical Council bureaucrats, for the sin of having not attended one of the imaginary schools on their register of recognized epicenters of higher learning. Water. I keep coming back to Tasmania.

It was around noon back at the fort, when Carrington heard heavy firing to the north. The numbers increase moving west to east and north to south. There were almost no other street names, and no street numbers. There are plenty of veggie dishes, only if you know where to look. The others are supposed to be checking the passengers and their luggage. These drivers are vetted before they are employed. Temples themselves are also inscribed with such texts, often accompanied by illustrations. You are guided through a series of increasingly frigid chambers filled with nitrogen where you stay for a few seconds to a few minutes. If hostels aren’t your style, you can still shave money off your stay by finding a hotel with a single room meant for one. Or app. (Frankly we’re still working out what to call it.) It’s an immersive sci-fi coming-of-age story centered around a journal kept by its protagonist, a young transgender woman named Kasio. Others could even get robbed because they were too honest and trustful of their identity that they’re giving it all out.