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This blog is just ME… is not affiliated, supported, or associated with the park management. Greetings to all blog readers: I don’t have any big news or announcements but it’s time to post “something” or folks start to complain that I don’t write often enough so I’ll tap dance with tidbits from around the park. The first question folks asked ME is….will I continue to post my blog? This blog is just me bragging and boasting about the beautiful resort where I reside and chatting with folks like you who share my enthusiasm for the resort lifestyle. Here’s a thank you and a salute to our maintenance crew for keeping our resort so beautiful. Daughters Emily and Ashley will be teaching several dance classes and our friendly Elizabeth that used to work at the front desk here will be keeping up the website. I’m excited about this one because they’ll be serving fresh sandwiches and they’re located in the building right next to where I work at Print and Pack. The whole website is still “a work in progress” and will be further updated with new photos and special features so tune in often for new developments.

I see quite a bit of park model construction around the resort so folks are still building sheds and room additions. To see homes for sale, click on RESORT HOMES. To see the homes for rent, click on RENTALS. Click on any of the items on a calendar and a separate info box appears listing the details. There is a separate one for EVENTS, another for ACTIVITIES, and one for SPORTS. To add to our daily activities, Priscilla and Suzette sponsored a Movie Day for us. May 19 is movie night and May 25 is a big Memorial Day BBQ potluck. Parts should have a reasonable shelf life or buffers may go out of date, so we need to minimize the problem through applying the suggestions above. Whenever applying for any type of position or trying to attain the quality of a prospective employee, the criteria with which abilities and skills, both learned and native, can many times be hard to ascertain.

Here are some of the things that you will learn when you take this type of training that can be incorporated into your business. However, it is equally important to know how to handle and store raw chicken, as this can significantly affect the quality of the meat, and the dish. In your contact list, you may be surprised to find just how much incomplete contact information you have in store. All of us go to the websites for every single thing, may it be a small order for food, or a shopping spree for various products, the internet has become our best friend when it comes to that. I find it interesting that when I search the internet for articles on sales the focus is generally on the sales person and not the manager. Buyers making their first home purchase can easily find out about the property they like and its suitability to their budget by getting a pre-approved mortgage.

Big headlines yesterday: “Nursing home to bring 120 jobs”. On the afternoon of June 9 we had a park pizza party with delicious pizzas from Papa Murphy’s. We have a Cinco De Mayo party May 5. Bring your favorite Mexican dish. May 10 is a Mother’s Day banana split party..just bring a banana. I chatted briefly with the gent from Mobile Upgrades the other day and he said he has 8 jobs lined up here at Palm Creek. Here’s a plug for Mobile Upgrades. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people because the crowd size is smaller. Very clever. If you get an opportunity to talk with Eddie, you’ll realize immediately that he’s from New York with that heavy “New Yawk” accent. If you get a hundred hits or more a day, you get a good turn out of sales already. Reapply water to the image and you will see even more of the color showing through. I think its more fun to watch these movies here than it is at the theatre because we’re with such a good group of friends and we can laugh out loud without fear of disturbing others.